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THE MENTALIST Recap: Our Top 5 Favorite Moments From “Copper Bullet”

The whole thing with Abbott’s old boss, Peterson, comes to a head. Here are your Mentalist Top Five Moments! Unearthing the Skeleton! Peterson apparently didn’t take Jane’s threat as seriously as Jane thought, because he has the guy Abbott shot in Rio Bravo dug up and the bullet in his head extracted. Jane is on top of it, though, as he told Wylie to monitor Peterson’s … [Read More...]

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THE ORIGINALS Recap: Brotherhood of the Damned

This week’s episode of THE ORIGINALS picks up pretty much where we left off last week. The vamps are still trapped at the Mikaelson’s, Klaus is searching for Finn and Elijah is still with Cami in the safe house. This episode was very Marcel-centric and it’s … [Read More...]

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