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MTV Announces Premiere Dates for AWKWARD and FAKING IT

MTV has announced the premiere date for AWKWARD season 5B, as well as for season 3 of FAKING IT today. Both shows will be airing back-to-back on Tuesday, March 15 beginning at 10/9c on MTV. In season 5B of AWKWARD (which is currently being thought of as the final run of episodes unless some drastic happens), the show "kicks off at the beginning of summer, a year after we … [Read More...]

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the catch

THE CATCH Preview: A Game of Cat and Mouse

THE CATCH has gone through some changes since the pilot was picked up last spring and it shows in the preview below. Originally created by Jennifer Schuur, she left the show over creative differences and GREY'S ANATOMY and SCANDAL alum Allan Heinberg took over … [Read More...]

the 100

THE 100 Recap: No One Challenges The Commander

I honestly feel like a broken record when it comes to THE 100. Every week I think they can't possibly get any better than this, and every single week they prove me wrong. Tonight's "Watch the Thrones" was the strongest episode of the season so far, and - dare … [Read More...]


GAME OF THRONES: HBO Releases Photos from Season 6

HBO has released a slew of photos from season 6 of GAME OF THRONES, which is returning in April. A few things can be gleamed from these photos -- including the fact that Myrcella Baratheon is confirmed dead (her body is seen in a photo below). In addition, … [Read More...]

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