Wednesday Night TV

So I’ve just finished watching LOST & VERONICA MARS, and while the DAILY SHOW plays in the background, I thought I’d post some initial reactions. Let’s start with LOST. Part of me loved this episode, while a part of me completely hated it. The part I liked: It was nice that the writers brought back the ‘angry’ and ‘mean’ Sawyer from season 1. Sawyer has definitely become way too nice – I think viewers have completely forgotten about what a selfish bastard he was in the beginning of the series. Secondly, the ending was completely unexpected – which is always a bonus. I was completely sucked in to the Sawyer’s Con. My major gripe with the episode is that the mythology was yet again ignored, and the story didn’t move on. There are so many questions on the show, and while I get that we can’t learn everything right away… they have to throw us a bone!

Veronica Mars was back in fine form. The episode was a classic whodunit – along the same lines as last season’s fantastic Christmas episode. The highlight was definitely the story that focused on Keth Mars. Enrico Colanti is an amazing actor – and while I loved him on Just Shoot Me, Veronica Mars actually shows us he can actually act. As per usual, Rob Thomas managed to suprise me with a great ending. The whole episode was entertaining and it was AMAZING to see MEG back… I LOVE HER!

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