“I am serious, and don’t call me Shirley”

I work from home, and seeing as though I’ve spent my morning sipping coffee and catching up on TV, I’m using the term ‘work’ quite liberally! (I’m actually working ALL weekend so I can be forgiven!) I just have to take a moment to say I LOVE THE OFFICE. The show throws in such great little gags. The Conan O’Brien bit in New York was priceless. Steve Carrell is truly a comic genius… and his tour of ‘the real new york was great – with times square, sbarro’s, all he was missing was a lunch at TGIF!

Sidebar: His ‘New York’ is totally my semi-annual trips: Broadway Shows, TGIF, and Times Square – I’m a complete tourist

The great thing about the show, is that while Michael is often portrayed as an idiot, he really is a a great boss. He cares about his employees, and understands work is so much more about ‘numbers’. Steve Carrel has created one of the most complex and funny characters on TV!

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  • Mary

    Hey, I just listened to your podcast today while walking to class, and for a first show, I’ve gotta say, I liked it. I feel that we bonded over our shared love of the TV Guide podcast. Make more shows because you guys seem cool.

  • Oh. My God. I watched “The Faces Of The Office” segment Michael made three times, it was HILARIOUS.