Addicted to Battlestar

Over the weekend I continued my mission to catch up on Battlestar Galactica. Having come late to the party, I’ve been simultaneously Tivo’ing season 2, while catching up with past episodes via DVD rental and the iTunes Music Store. On Saturday I watched the season 1, two-parter entitled Kobol’s Last Gleaming (Part 1 and 2).

(Spoiler Alert): The season finale brilliantly set up Season 2, which luckily, I’ll be watching tomorrow night on DVD! [instead of having to wait months to find out the fate of our beloved BSG crew] Yet my one gripe with the episode is, “Where’s the Suspense?”. For a brief second, I was ‘shocked!’ by Capt. Adama’s suprise assassination – but then I thought for a second, obviously he’ll be pull a Tony Almeida (24) and survive a point-blank gunshot. The show’s hero isn’t really going to die?

The interesting thing about this, when I was mentioning this to a fellow BSG addict… She pointed out that at the time, the writer’s didn’t really know whether or not Edward James Olmos (Capt. Adama) would be back for a second season – and this was their insurance if he didn’t wish to return. I think I speak for all BSG fans when I say I’m glad the Captain survived, and I look forward to watching the continuing voyages of… (oops, sorry, wrong show!)

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