Could Lorelai BE anymore immature?

Having just finished watching last night’s episode of Gilmore Girls, I have to ask: Who’s the mother in the relationship, Rory or Lorelai? I’ve loved Gilmore Girls throughout it’s entire run, but this episode was almost too much! (To paraphrase Chandler:) Could Lorelai BE anymore childish? Whether she was ‘learning’ about the kitchen with Rory, or acting like a five year old on vacation with Luke, I almost found myself being amazed with the stupidity of her character. While Luke was no picnic on this mini-weekend – I completely found myself sympathizing with him, as he no doubt was thinking that his new found ‘daughter’ is way smarter then his soon-to-be wife!

Yet just as I found myself completely turned off by the episode, the show sucks me back in with another fantastic final act. Only this show makes me pity the rich and powerful, and admire the simpler fun lives of our Stars Hollow denizens. It will be interesting to see if Logan follows Lorelai’s path of happiness instead of wealth. Somehow I can’t see Logan slumming it at the Independance Inn to help support his family!

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  • Really? I thought the complete opposite of this episode. Luke I felt was being “glass half empty” (as opposed to being half full) during this episode. He probably feels conflicted. He has his own daughter who has just suddenly become apart of his life, so he’s just now learning to become a responsible parent. And like he even said, he was preoccupied with April the whole time so all he could do was hate. Lorelai I thought was hysterical. I loved it when they went to the gym. Classic. But I believe the reason why she acted so was because she wan’t to get away from the drama revolving around her wedding, the disconnect between her and Luke regarding April, and just the thought of her future. From what I can see, Luke is not in the least ready for marriage, and Lorelai picked up on that, and is just using her behavior to mediate her stress. So I really enjoyed this episode. Sorry if I ranted though, no offense intended.

  • Dear LIterate,
    I totally respect and agree with your perspective on Lorelai as well. For sure she is just trying to ‘lighten things up’ – and Luke’s brutal mood didn’t really scream ‘fun’. But I thought the writers took it WAY to far, and Lorelai was just acting completely moronic! Agreed though that the GYM scene was classic. The more time Lorelai and Rory spend together, the better the show is. Thanks for posting!

  • Jack

    No, i just think Lorelai is just trying to get through this hard time, shes always been like this, but obviously she is a very smart girl. She raised a baby all by herself.