Underwhelmed by Wednesday

In general, Wednesday is one of my most anticipated days of TV, why you ask? four words: LOST and VERONICA MARS (yes ‘and’ is a word!). That said, last night was one of the most depressing evenings of TV, during a generally magical time known as February Sweeps.

Let me first start off talking about everyone’s favorite castaways, LOST. What a dissappointing episode. Writers Damon Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse (whom no doubt are reading this!) – guess what? We know Sayid was a torturer and that he is ‘tortured’ by his past. The episode was pointless…. and the cheesy ‘B’ story with Sawyer and Hurley – I’m pretty sure the writers of ‘Rodney’ could have come up with a better idea. All that said, the almost countdown to zero had me on the edge of my seat, but a quality 5 minutes does not a great episode make.

VERONICA MARS A REPEAT! I think of myself as pretty plugged in to the world of TV. I read about VM being put on hold until ‘South Beach’ sinks, and ‘Top Model’ comes back. But I thought that starts next week. After the underwhelming LOST, the only thing that was getting me through the night was catching a great episode of VM.

Thanks for supporting me through my sad evening! Hopefully tonight’s TV will be better!

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  • Mel

    Whatever happened to Rodney on ABC and Still Standing on CBS? Were they cancelled?