Write by Numbers

Smallville is one of those TV shows that could be written by a team of grade schoolers. If you ever want to join the writing staff of Smallville, follow my simple instructions.

Step 1: Invent a mysterious young man/woman with special powers. The ‘special powers’ can be as a result of one of the two meteor showers that have hit smallville, or on an experiment that ‘LuthorCorp’ has created (Question: How does LuthorCorp make money from all these experiments, they must own shares in WalMart or something).

Step 2: The mysterious stranger either is from Smallville, or ends up meeting one of our local Smallville Denizens.

Step 3: The mysterious stranger is either ‘good’, and someone who Clark (with his own set of powers) can relate to, or he/she is ‘bad’ and Clark must defend a helpless Lana/Chloe/Family member from them.

Step 4: Clark confronts Lex or Lionel (always!). Lex is always behind or is somehow involved in creating this mysterious stranger. Lex/Lionel always denies his involvement with the evil-doer yet in the end is always lying.

Step 5: Show ends with Clark saving the day. Mysterious stranger is either killed, thrown into Arkham Asylum or sent on his way to help other people (learning from Clark that being ‘good’ is better then being ‘evil’)

I’m sorry to say that Smallville continuously dissappoints me. Yet somehow I still watch. I don’t know why, but I do. Growing up with the Superman mythos, I’ve always had a week spot for the show – I LOVED Lois & Clark! Hopefully the show will end soon, so I can stop putting myself through this torture. At least we have a break until April (new episodes start again in April!).

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