Desperately Seeking A Good Story

Desperate Housewives started off with a bang (literally!). From the moment Mary-Alice shot herself, I was hooked. Wisteria Lane had been uncommonly blessed with a fantastic mystery, witty dialogue, and a cast to die for (again, literally!).

Unfortunately, what started off as a show with endless potential has completely become a parody of itself. Each well written character has turned into a cartoon shell of its formal self. Last night’s episode again illustrated why this show has become almost unwatchable.

1. Susan Meyer needing to re-marry her scum of an ex-husband for medical insurance. If Susan can afford to live on Wisteria Lane, how can she not afford an operation, or health insurance?

2. If Tom and Lynette are each working employed as well paid Ad Execs, how can they not afford a live in nanny for their crazy kids?

3. Why did they have to cast an older version of Catherine Zeta-Jones as Gabby’s Mom?

4. Why does Edie suddenly want to get married? Hasn’t she always been written as the Wisteria whore who doesn’t need a man to get by?

5. It’s time to move on, Mary-Alice is dead, the entire Paul/Zach story is so boring and creepy, why is this story continuing to suck all energy out of the show?

6. Perhaps the biggest question of all though is, Why am I still watching this show?

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  • Strange, I thought this was one of Desperate Housewive’s strongest episodes. In fact, they’ve been great these past few weeks. I believe it’s back to its true form,and the reason I think some people stil don’t like it is because we have gone so long without a decent episode for weeks. This episode was much better than the likes of the season premiere, and the first eleven episodes or so. If you still have it TiVo’d (or PVR’d, whichever you prefer), I’d watch it again to see if you like it better. I do this sometimes with shows like this, and the likes of The O.C., in which both are guilty pleasures at heart, and need a second viewing to take seriously.

  • Dear Literate,
    Thanks again for you insightful thoughts. I have to respectfully disagree, as I thought this week’s episode was just boring. I do agree that the new crop of episodes have been a bit better then the dreck that was served up at the beginning of the season. But overall season 2 pales in comparison to season 1. I think the overall problem is that the season lacks a really great mystery that brings together our 4 leading ladies (a little Edie goes a long way!). The Betty Applewhite story just doesn’t cut it!

  • Yeah, the mystery (if you even want to call it that), is fruitless. And your comment about the mystery bringing them together made me think: Are the Vanity Fair photo shoot rumors true, or the writers heading all the characters in completely new directions? Who am to blame for this boderline- mediocrity that Desperate Housewives have succumbed to?

  • I completely think the ‘Vanity Fair’ rumors were/are true, and they in fact were the starting point of Desperate’s decent into mediocrity.