My One Tree Hill Marathon

I know this blog will seem completely outdated with this post, but I have to post it anyways. I’ve spent the afternoon going through the past four episodes of ONE TREE HILL that I’ve missed this month. The WB’s cheesiest show never ceases to entertain me – with its improbable storylines, complete lack of parental supervision, and possibly the slutiest high schoolers in the world!

A few observations about OTH

1. I can’t believe they are ripping off Degrassi TNG with a school shooting plot. Don’t the writers realize we’ve all seen this episode months ago. Introducing a ‘nerdy OTHiller just an episode before he’s supposed to pull a Columbine. At least Degrassi had the foresight to introduce their shooter months before.

Sorry, I have to interrupt the writing of this blog to stop and try some Sunkist.. wait I’ve been brainwashed by OTH’s subtle promotion! What am I watching here? The Apprentice?

2. Nathan said it best, “Do you think we’ll ever have a function in this town that doesn’t end in a brawl?” I agree, when did OTH turn into the OC?

3. Could Dan Scott be anymore Evil?

4. The most annoying thing about OTH is the music montage. I think about 85% of each episode is a music montage. OTH isn’t the only show guilty of this of course. Other guilty parties include the OC, and pretty much any WB show!

Thanks for reading, and if you’re an OTH fan, email me your predictions of who lives/dies in the upcoming shooting episode. I’ll post the best/worst online. Send emails to

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  • Hey there,
    Don’t you work….
    ps it’s a song

  • sara

    my God are you kidding me? The music montage that go with every epi. are the reason why the show is so successful…i mean seriously its the best thing ever…to hear your fav. character say something to the most amazing and beautiful songs ever…seriously everytime i turn on my ipod OTH images come to my mind….so never underestimate the power of music montages in a series, they make the best series.

  • ishan

    You can’t say OTH didn’t introduce their shooter months before…

    THEY INTRODUCED HIM IN THE FIRST EPISODE. he was a commentator alongside Mouth.
    get your facts straight.

  • an opion that matters


    your a complete retard, you know nothing about one tree hill.

  • Ashley

    Hi I just wanted to say that you are right about the music part. But I do agree that Jimmy was introduced enough to be a good role in the shooting episode.