Addicted to Battlestar

I thought I was past this. I really thought I had moved on, grown up, ‘gotten a life.’ It’s been years since I’ve watched a sci-fi show. My last sci-fi addiction was Star Trek DS9, which in my opinion was the most well written Star Trek of the bunch. The characters were complex and with real issues and imperfections. The stories were great and the series was riveting.

Battlestar is DS9 to the extreme. The show is like no sci-fi show out there (As Producer Ronald D Moore is quick to point out on his own fantastic podcast.) The characters are real, with stories that really resonate in today’s culture. With takes on the Abu Ghraib prison scandal, terrorism, real life politics and more – the show has completely sucked me in.

Thanks to iTunes, I’m almost caught up on the show (episodes are available to download for only $2 – well worth the price, believe me!) Last night myself and a fellow addict watched the last 3 episodes of the first half of the second season. Had I not had to actually get some sleep, I think I could have watched the remaining 7 episodes. We left off at Resurrection Part 1 – who will survive… the Pegasus or Galactica. Somehow I think I know the answer. But it’s not as much as the what happens in the end, but waiting to see how it all goes down.

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  • Yes, Battlestar is AWESOME. I love it to death. Hurry and catch up, yesterday’s new episode “Downloaded” was spectacular.