Weekend Musings

Here’s some incredible news (assuming you’re an Alias fan). According to Kristin at EONLINE, ALIAS is finally coming back in April for it’s final eight episodes.

Kristin Writes: I heard last night from a reliable source (and confirmed with another this a.m.) that …ALIAS IS COMING BACK IN APRIL FOR 8 FINAL HOURS ON WEDNESDAY NIGHTS AT 8 PM! April 19th is the day of the midseason premiere, I believe. I’m told that there will be a two-hour midseason premiere, then four episodes, then a 2-hour finale in May. Yippee Kai Yay! All this is expected to be announced on Monday.

That is fantastic news, as I’m expecting ALIAS to go out with a bang, as the last few episodes that aired in December were fantastic. So HAPPY ‘Spy Mommy’ is back!

Another tiny tidbit of TV info, if you’re a fan of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, you have to watch REAL TIME with Bill Maher. It’s his no-holds-bars HBO talk show and it’s side-splittingly funny. In truth, I don’t watch it, as I don’t have HBO, because I live in Canada and we’re stuck with the dreadful TMN, but you can download his show for FREE on iTunes. Just search for ‘Real Time’ in the Music Store.


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