How I met a new comedy

Recently it was suggested to me that as a TV Addict, I should be watching some new shows – to further broaden my TV addiction. Well I took this wise piece of advice to heart, and gave CBS’s HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER a try on Monday night. Admittedly, I have seen a few minutes of the premiere episode, but I wasn’t that captivated and my heart wasn’t into it. Yet the premise of Monday’s episode intrigued me (How Barney became Barney, I Love flashbacks, especially on FRIENDS – FAT MONICA ROCKED!) so I decided to give the show another (serious) try.

Let me say, that last night’s episode was fantastic. Discovering the roots of Barney’s character (the emmy-worthy Neal Patrick Harris) was great fun. We got to see how he has transformed from a peace loving hippie, to a really fun money-grubbing womanizer (always in a suit!).

This may overstate it a bit, but last night’s HIMYM (my nifty shortform for HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER) was very reminscent of FRIENDS. While I’ve enjoyed some great comedies since FRIENDS ended (Arrested, Scrubs, etc), no show has successfuly replicated that Friendsesque feel. I will be giving HIMYM another chance, and hope that it continues to entertain.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Check out Barney’s really funny blog by clicking here!

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  • TVGuru

    HIMYM is a fantastic show. It might feel like a copy of Friends sometimes, but that is a good thing. JJ Abrahms took a page from HIMYM’s book w/ his newest show What About Brian, but it is a dramatic version. Joss Whedon loves it. ‘The Office’ cast loves it.