I honestly could spend the next several paragraphs tearing apart the ridiculousness of tonight’s ‘life-changing’ ONE TREE HILL, and believe me, I will. But first let me say this: TV is an incredibly powerful medium, and while tonight’s episode of OTH (also known as the ‘One Tree Breakfast Club meets Aaron Sorkin’s preachy 9/11 West Wing special episode) was incredibly cheesy, it had an important message. Bullying is unacceptable. It’s a huge problem in our High Schools, and if tonight’s episode helped change anyone’s outlook towards bullying – then it was worth me sitting through it. Now on to what everyone is waiting for, my point by point analysis of OTH:

1) So lame of OTH’s writers to introduce us to a character an episode ago. Are we really supposed to feel attached to the shooter when we’ve known him for an episode?

2) Are Nathan and Lucas the stupidest kids in the world? Who runs back into a school when it’s on lock-down.

3) How is ‘Mayor Dan Scott’ in charge of everything in the town? What exactly does he know about dealing with school shootings?

4) Is mean random student (the guy in the lockdown who’s name I don’t remember, but he’s not Mouth or Nathan?) the dumbest guy in the world? Why on earth would you antagonize a guy who has you at gunpoint?

5) Brooke Davis is actually a really cool character. I can honestly say I enjoy how she’s grown throughout the series. She Rocks!

6) I LOVED the serious OTH logo at the beginning of the episode, no theme song or anything, just a warning about parental discretion advised… to underline the seriousness of the episode. Yet every other episode which is filled with random sex, drugs and a total lack of parental supervision is completely okay!

7) Why does the only black student in One Tree Hill have to say ‘Dawg’ everytime he opens his mouth?

8) How is it that a random untrained Tree Hill denizen (fast becoming my favourite word!) such as Keith Scott gets to go into the school to talk down the shooter? Which of course leads me to the final scene!!!

9) Okay, now for a few positives! I was quite impressed with the acting on the show. Great job all around, although I don’t believe Lucas Scott actually reads!

10) WOW, I’ll give the OTH writers props on this, I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING. Kudos on a killer (no pun intended) ending!

11) Sadly, I’ll be back next week to see what happens! The simple truth is that I’m a whore to the WB!

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  • TVGuru

    Jimmy wasn’t introduced in the last episode. He was re-introduced in the last episode. But he was a worthless character none the less, and they should have had Gigi go crazy.

  • Sorry for my mistake with that one. While Jimmy was no doubt seen in another episode – he definitely wasn’t that important! Gigi going crazy would have been awesome! or Mouth.

  • Celticgrl

    Did anyone notice that the voice over by Chad Michael Murray during the opening Parental Discretion part actually said Parental Discussion Advised? I thought that was pretty funny. 🙂

  • Celticgrl, I didn’t notice that at all. But I LOVE when CMM does voiceovers – I laugh everytime he quotes from a famous book. Let’s be honest… do we really think that CMM has read any of those books!

  • Goblz

    I think I disagree with you, lol. I thought everything about the episode was brilliant until Dan killed Keith. THAT was ridiculous.

    While I see your point about Nathan running into the school, I really liked that Lucas went after him.

    Skills isn’t the only black student in the school. There’s also Fergie, who’s also from the River Court, and I don’t think he says, “Dawg.” Not that I understand your aversion to “dawg” anyway, lol. I think that’s in his character, and I know plenty of guys who say “dawg.”

    And Jimmy wasn’t a new character. He was in a few episodes in season one.

  • i think your show is great no matter what happens. i love you all your all awsome cerlebertys one question thow chad why did you and sophia get a divorce.

  • Jill

    One tree hill is my favorite show and i really hate the fact that u are criticizing it. if u dont like the show then dont freeken watch it and bring down everyone elses hopes of one tree hill coming back on the cw. this is my fav show and despite what u say i have learned stuff from it and i lov the fact that its based on TEENS AND ADULTS and its drama n comedy and i luv it if this show leaves then i will never watch the CW

  • Nina

    Ok i think you have no right to “criticize” the show because i think this is one of my all time favortie shows. Its the only one that makes me laugh when things are funny. And is also the only one that can make me cry when things get really emotional. So if you think this show is “lame” && “shamefull” you dont know a good show when you see one. oh && i think its a shame if one tree hill dosent have a full season 4. ok && who ever you are your the weirdest person i know if you think one tree hill is lame. && i totally agree with jill is this show leaves the cw i will never watch the cw agian !! ever. oh && i think that so many people watch oth && if you dont know that ur just dumb go see how many people went to the tours && trl && autograph signings. && btw i think this website needs a NEW CRIDICT !!! THIS ONES SOO DUMB =]

  • TBains14

    ok ur jus dumb, One Tree Hill is AMAZIN!!!!!! not ‘lame’
    and to the tv addict again CMM probz does read them books when he quotes from them because he is also a writer! his books will be out by next year i think

  • Rix

    firstly, i think that you should get your facts straight when u r criticizing a show, (you have nothing better to do than to watch shows that you dont even like, now thats what i call ‘lame’). firstly jimmy wasnt introduced inthat episode but i was there in season one but then drifted off as mouth began to become popular and the effect of bringing him back to be the depressed one is to show the way he has been mistreated when lucas and mouth stopped talking to him.
    secondly, nathan and lucas werent stupid, but they were going back for love and friendship and called being selfless (maybe u shud try it).
    thirdly, the fact that dan did not know about school shootings is because he bribed his way into the position.
    fourthly, the reason why that guy antagonized Jimmy at gun point, is to emphasize the bullying and intimidation taking place in schools and the fact that popular people arent afraid and would still try to indimidate a guy like jimmy even in those circumstances to try to make them feel weak beacause they are mean. and this also highlights the unsefety amonst peers in schools.
    in addition, the show is NOT filled with random sex and drugs but it deals with these issues for example where haley is afraid to have sex with nathan in season one and drugs, where nathan takes drugs out of pressure to perform

  • love it

    I have to say I love your One Tree Hill commentary. I am a total whore to this show too and yet I can step back and realize that what I am watching is sometime complete crap and filled with contradictions. I remember watching this episode and thinking some of those same things. It doesn’t matter how popular someone is- unless they are looking to die, they will not taunt someone who has a gun pointed in their face. Choosing to have Dan kill Keith was an incredibly creative choice for the writers. Although unbelievable in the context of school shootings, it went great with the plot.

    I have to laugh at the people who responded to your post saying that you have no right to criticize their favorite show (how dare you voice your opinion! ). I guess that comes with pointed analysis on a teen show.

    Anyways, please continue blogging about this show because I enjoy reading witty, thoughtful analysis on often braindead shows with lots of fun characters and plotlines.

  • jenn

    jimmy edwards was the co-announcer with mouth in the first episodes of the series. just to fill u in on the ‘he was introduced in the last episode’

  • Chelsea

    Okay, so I’m not sure if someone has corrected you, but I’ve been reading your posts from the top down, and I noticed that you keep insisting that Jimmy(the shooter) was introduced an episode before 3×17. And he wasn’t. He’s been in the show since the pilot (the first episode) and he’s made many appearances. If you had actually watched the show from the very beginning, you’d know that Lucas,Mouth and him were very close and alot of things have obviously changed. I beleive that the OTH writer’s did a fantastic job with the episode (much better than Degrassi)

  • Vinc

    The reason why they REALLY introduce him at the episode of ONE THREE HILL MADNESS, is the fact that he wasn’t supposed to be a main character. His character was a person that nobody cared about or knew he existed. It’s wat makes Jimmy Edwards THE shooter; the bullied kid, the underdog, someone who is always on the background and never in the spotlight. Good job with the episode and choice of the caracter imo

  • I think you dumb b****** just need to get over yourselves.

  • summer

    eh, i love one tree hill and will still watch it even if it has a predictable plot twist each episode.

  • Sabrina

    I am also a fan of the show! I love all of these people are amazing actors and actresses!! Jimmy Edwards was in a few episodes of season 1. There are more black people on the show, Skills is not the only one on there! What I dont understand is why all of these people are dissing this show, saying that it is lame! Let me tell you whats lame and completly pathedic is the fact that people woul actually waste there time on some thing that they dont like just to talk about how bad it is! Whats up with that?? Now thats what I call lame!!