So Many Questions…

In the long-awaited Claire flashback, we finally got to see what happened to her during her mysterious two week absence last season. And as only LOST can manage to do, the episode brought up way more questions then it answered. Turns out, Claire was being held captive by Ethan and the Others, who were ready to kill her and keep baby Aaron. Here are a few questions I have!

1) How did the OTHERS know that Claire wanted her baby to know the song ‘Catch A Rising Star…’

2) Why do the OTHERS seem to be masquerading in fake costumes and beards?

3) Why did the OTHERS leave the hatch? It seemes like a pretty excellent medical facility. How many hatches are there?

4) Is Henry Gale an OTHER is Libby? I can’t take the suspense. Between LOST and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (which character is secretly a CYLON), I can’t handle all these secret identities!

5) All the literary analogies. I watch TV, I don’t read! Stop with the books! One interesting point though, Henry Gale knows who Stephen King is, that must mean something.

I know doubt missed tons of stuff, feel free to comment or email me your thoughts. All I know is that LOST is definitely back on track in the mystery department. I may not have a clue where this show is going, but I’m definitely going to be along for the ride!

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  • As for question one, I was just thinking, can we trust a flashback from someone with amnesia? If the flashback come directly from her mind, maybe things like this were just plugged into the flashback by Claire’s subconcious. I remember wondering if the first flashback was indeed a flashback or just a hallucination while watching it.

    And the orientation film said there were three hatches, but for some reason I think the one they just found wasn’t one of them.

  • Scott, I completely agree with you, there definitely is another HATCH, the ‘home’ of the OTHERS or the base camp where they are monitoring everything. I think there are probably cameras all over the island, sort of like a TRUMAN SHOW experiment where the OTHERS are watching.