Uma/Oprah Uh-Ohh…

This year was not a good year for movies. Aside from a few highly entertaining movies (Batman Begins, Syriana, King Kong, Cinderella Man, War of the Worlds and Crash), I can’t remember a more dissappointing year for movies. That’s why I’m not really that excited for the OSCARS. In fact, the only reason I’ll be watching the self-congratulatory never-ending award show is for JON STEWART. He truly is the funniest man on TV (Stephen Colbert and Steve Carrell being a close second and third!). I should also mention that the only entertaining award shows involve alcohol – the Golden Globes and SAG awards.

While I could easily rip of TV GUIDE’s fantastic Q&A with him and pass it off as my own, I figured odds are that no one was going to buy the fact that, in it’s short one month history, has earned enough clout to interview Jon Stewart. Subsequently I’ve decided to take the high road and just say this:

If you’d like to find out how Jon Stewart plans to avoid the ‘Uma, Oprah, Letterman Curse’ this weekend, click HERE to read a fantastic Interview with Jon Stewart

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