What’s REALLY in that COKE glass?

We all know that Judges Randy, Paula and Simon have really big, shiny, red COKE tumblers on their judges table (holy product placement batman!). But seriously, what is REALLY in Paula’s Tumbler. My guess, Jack Daniels…..

During last night’s result show, Paula seemed completely hammered! She couldn’t answer any questions without spouting out some nonsensicle jibberish, and she barely could stand up straight. All I have to say is Paula, get your act together. You’re being watched by 30 million Americans, and are looking more moronic then usual. Mark my words, if she doesn’t stop acting medicated soon, FOX is going to replace her, and she’ll end up auditioning for American Idol instead of judging it!

A final thought for you to ponder over your weekend. Which contestant do we think Paula is going to sleep with this season?!

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