Podcast 5: Listen and WIN!

This week’s podcast (#5) looks back on the week in TV. Join us as we discuss yours (and our) favourite shows, including 24, House, How I Met Your Mother, ER, American Idol, Lost, Survivor, and so much more. New to our podcast is a great contest where you can win some really cool t-shirts, and our NEW ‘news’ section!

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  • Mary

    Your inspired use of the Dandy Warhols/VM theme music as your intro brought a tear to my eye. I’m just sayin’

  • so where oh where is the incredible Lauren? she is simply brillant – i mean as incredibly talented as you and your gal pal are – Lauren is the real reason i tune in. what wit. what poise. what charming psycho-babble. i didn’t want to say this – but frankly your podcast sags without her sparkle 😉

  • glad you like it! stay tuned until next week to see if you WIN the amazing prize! (yes, it’s truly amazing!)

  • dear ‘concernedcitizen’

    thanks for your interest in thetvaddict’s podcast. No doubt there are a lot of people wondering where the GREAT lauren is. She was so good that I’ve saved her interview for next week!!! Stay Tuned!

  • whew! thanks for clearing that up ‘thetvaddict’. Lauren is just so good – a real natural – that i was worried there for a second that her exposure through your podcast would catapult her to stardom so quickly that she had been forced to abandon us commonfolk. good to see that she’s still so grounded.

    keep up the good work.