theTVaddict’s adventures in 90210

Before I announce my BIG news, let me first say that I thought Jon Stewart did a fantastic job as Oscar Host. He was funny, poignant and original. My favourite bits were his ‘Brokeback’ opening, his fake Oscar Campaign ads, and his subtle mockery of the hollywood big-wigs (in a room filled with them!). Sure he started off slow, but he slowly gained confidence and was great at mocking the show as it went on, “Can’t wait for a montage honouring montages!)”

So onto my BIG adventure. Right now I’m writing this from the TV capitol of the world: LOS ANGELES! I’m here all week doing secret TV reconnaissance! What am I up to… well to wet your appetite, I’m going to be at tapings of two hit TV shows, as well as the Family Guy Paley Festival Event. Check back all week for some really great updates!

Just a note, check back this evening for PODCAST #5. Also, now I know how annoying it must be to read TV forums and live on the West Coast. Everyone is sitting down and watching 24, while I have to wait for 3 more hours! What’s the deal with that!?!?

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  • Good to see that travelling across the globe hasn’t stopped you from maintaining your one true love! i am going to assume that you have arrived safely – not like you called. mac’s fine btw.

    jokes though, i am just pulling your chain. can’t wait to hear from you. and just to sweeten the pot – someone (who shall remain unnamed) got a bootlegged copy of the audio from the paley panel and is willing to share. yes that’s right we are loooosers. i am the vice pres. but i’ll let you be president – cuz that’s just the kind of friend i am.

    sleep well and enjoys the chili’s.

  • OMG! I’m so jealous that you are in sunny LA. I can’t wait to hear all about The Paley Festival (I’m dying to go myself) and the taping of the two tv shows. What shows are they?

  • I’ll let everyone know what my first show is tonight. I probably shouldn’t oversell… It’s not the hottest comedy on TV or anything, just a show that makes me laugh!

  • dear THORS,

    Please let me konw how you got this bootlegged copy of the audio and where I can find it/download it!

    MISS YA,

    theTVaddict (aka Daniel!)