24 Back on Track

No doubt readers of this blog assume that I’ll take this opportunity to discuss the death of a beloved 24 cast member (frankly, I found the character annoying!). But like 24 tends to do, I’m going to suprise you! In fact, I’m not even going to mention who died, as no doubt readers of this blog may be saving the episode on their TIVO for a later date! I’m going to talk about something more suprising and unexpected – the fact that the writers of 24 have actually come up with an original an intriguing idea!!!

This season of 24 started off with a BANG! Yet as the season has wore on, I found myself unexcited and bored by yet another group of terrorists trying to destroy democracy. Last nights episode changed everything. Rather then continue another dreary season with stories and characters constantly running from point A to point B. The writers have trapped everyone together. For the first time in 24’s history (at least since I can remember), our leading men and women are actually going to have to solve a problem together, in the same room, not just through cell phones/pdas/internet channels. It’s going to be great to see the interaction between everyone as well as who lives and which token character inevitably dies (hopefully Kim!)

So 24 writers, if you’re reading this, THANKS and I can honestly say I’m actually looking forward to next week’s ‘shocking’ episode!

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  • steviep

    Hold on.

    Are you suggesting that Jack and Co. will be trapped in there for the rest of the season? There is no way that will happen.

  • There is no way that they will be trapped in there for the rest of the season… but for sure a few hours, at least 2!

  • steviep

    doubtful. very doubtful. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • alice omwoa

    palmer you are a great actor i like your confidence and responsibilities as a president i wish you were one.