My 90210 Adventure Continues…

So my adventure in 90210 continues today with a trip to the WB Studios. I’m really hoping I run into Amy-Sherman Palladino (Gilmore Girls Creator) so I can ask her what the FRACK is going on with the show this season. I imagine my conversation will go something like this…

ASP: Ummmmm, thank you… SECURITY….SECURITY

But seriously, I would love to just see her and say Hi and tell her how I brilliant I think she is. Of course, she’ll take one look at me and think ‘Rory’s New Boyfriend.’ Rory needs a little revenge after Logan’s ‘On a Break Relationships.’ I should add that I always look great in a Tux and would make a fantastic date to Lane’s wedding. Hell, I’ll go with Miss Patty if I have to!

Back to reality. Tonight I’m going to the FAMILY GUY event at the Paley Festival. While it wasn’t my first choice (I’d kill to have seen the BSG, Entourage, or Grey’s event) it was the only one that fit into my schedule and I think it will be really funny.

Check back tomorrow for what I hope will be a really funny report.

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