Family Guy at the Paley Festival

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Family Guy Event at the Paley Festival. Needless to say I pretty much laughed for two hour straight. The evening started off with a screening of two episodes. The first episode was a Family Guy valentine to the FCC: Peter starts his own network to fight censorship. It was brilliant and irreverant – with a great Osama Gag at the beginning. The second episode highlighted Chris (my least favourite character!), but it was still great.

Following the episodes were a Q&A with the cast and creative team of the show. It was really cool to see the audience members (all crazed fans) ask questions and interact with the genius cast and creative team. It was also great to see the actors do the character voices. I would have loved to see a live read of an episode. If you love TV and live in LA, I can’t recommend the Paley Festival enough.

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