On Set Report: Gilmore Girls

Today was a TVtastic day! It started off with a tour of the WB studio. The tour lasted about two hours, and we got to see some pretty cool sites. Most notably the sets of ER, Related, and most importantly the GILMORE GIRLS! (I’m also pretty sure I saw Lauren Graham from a distance!) Actual celebrity sightings included Scott Grimes from ER, and Lori Loughlin (formerly of Summerland and Full House)

The amazing thing about the Gilmore Girls set (or sets in general) is how small they are in real life. TV gives everything so much more depth. The Dragonfly Inn looks tiny up close, so does Lorelai’s house (I’ll post photos next week). The other thing I learned is that all props are barcoded and archived. I found this out as I tried to steal some plates from the Dragonfly Inn – I’M SO KIDDING. But seriously, each prop, whether it’s a painting, spoon, or fake picture frame is barcoded. This way the WB knows what show each set piece has been on – thus the WB is able to assign a value to everything if they ever want to sell it. How cool is that!?!?!?

Later today I’ll post my report from the FAMILY GUY event at the Paley Festival. Needless to say it was pretty much the funniest two hours ever!

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  • I linked on over here from the WWK board. How cool it must have been to get on the set of GG. Did you have to be invited or is that something you can plan on your own? Were they taping anything and if so, what epiosde?

    I also want to way, what a nice site you have. I just started my own TV blog and I’m always inspired by what others do.

  • Hayley

    man i was hoping that they took the outside shots in a city in connecticut i thoutht that would be cool i was really disappointed!!!!!!!

  • Hayley