Sunday Nights are Back!

Sunday night used to be my favorite night of TV. There was ALIAS, The Simpsons, Desperate Housewives (in it’s glorious first season) and so much more. Yet lately I have found that Sundays have been so boring I’ve almost turned to reading (gasp!) – No Alias, No West Wing, unwatchable episodes of Desperate Housewives and endless annoying specials (Sscars, Superbowl, I’m a TV fanatic, who cares about football?!)

Fast forward to March 12 (tonight!). What a great night of TV. It started off with the WEST WING. I’m so happy that it’s back, while at the same time I’m so sad, as I know there are very few episodes left. I LOVED SEEING JOSH AND DONNA FINALLY ACKNOWLEDGE their LOVE FOR EACHOTHER. The interesting thing is that the writers would have never allowed J & D to hook up except for the fact the series is ending. I’d also like to point out that whenever John Spencer is on the screen, I am sad. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but John Spencer is one of three celebs that I’m actually sad to have seen die (along with John Ritter and Phil Hartman).

“It’s time we faced reality, we’re bad people who don’t deserve to be parents.” I don’t think I’ve enjoyed an episode of Desperate Housewives this much since last season. Gabriel and Carlos were so FUNNY trying to get a baby. I was also intrigued (for once) with the Paul/Zac/Mike storyline. Susan’s story was dumb as usual, but the nurse was pretty funny!

Grey’s Anatomy, I LOVE IT. But to be honest, I just finished watching the season 1 DVD’s and I can’t watch season 2 until I’ve seen it in order. Hopefully it will be up on iTunes soon!

Finally there’s BIG LOVE. I PVR’d (or TIVO’d) it and will watch it tomorrow. There is only so much TV I can watch in one night. My eyes are pretty much going to burst out of their sockets. So that’s all for now, and to all a goodnight.

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