An Open Letter to HBO

Dear HBO,

I’ve been looking forward to the premiere of BIG LOVE for weeks. Your genius (and never-ending) marketing campaign ensured that my brain knew that at 10pm on March 12 I’d be in front of my TV. Yet for the first 15 minutes of BIG LOVE, all I could think about was that I never in my life expected to see so much of Bill Paxton naked!

Look, I get it, you’re a pay cable station: you’re ‘not TV, you’re HBO’! you’re not conventional! I can see nudity on HBO! But just because you can air Bill Paxton’s butt for an entire episode, doesn’t mean I need to see it. I have nothing against nudity or anything like that, but it just feels so forced. Endless nudity doesn’t automatically equal a Soprano’s sized hit.

With that said, the show looks quite interesting. While I wasn’t in LOVE with the first episode (in fact, I have to finish watching it!) I am intrigued and will continue to watch. Afterall, being ‘theTVaddict’, I can’t afford to miss another hit quirky oddball dramedy like I did with 6ft.under (I totally just made up that shortform and it will no doubt become a new buzz word within 14 min.)

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