Veronica = Rich Dude Kryptonite

Veronica Mars returned tonight after almost a month off the air. Luckily they did a really great recap at the beginning of the episode, so I could remember what the frack was going on this season (Sorry for the ‘frack’, still a little hooked on the Battlestar Galactica finale!)

So here is what I liked about tonight’s episode:
1) I LOVE MAC. I think they should definitely make her (Tina Majorino) a regular and turn the show into the Veronica and Mac show. She is just awesome and the two actresses have great chemistry. Personally, I think that Mac and Veronica will end up going to the same college, and she’ll be bumped up to regular status next season.
2) Jackie. I thought Jackie and Veronica had some great moments, especially during the car ride home.
3) Sherrif Lamb. He Rocks! I can watch the banter between him and Keith all day.
4) Dick. He had tonight’s best line, in which he told Veronica that “You’re Rich Dude Kryptonite.”

Here’s what I didn’t like about the episode:
1) Confusion. As much as I love the show, I do find it a bit hard to follow. I don’t see how the show can possibly pick up new viewers with plots and characters as convoluted as they are. I honestly have no recollection as to who or why Felix is so important! I’m telling you, put the show on iTunes, it would be a huge help, and no doubt hook tons of new viewers.
2) The Bus Crash. I feel that one of the reasons why the mystery last year was so great is that it really affected Veronica. I mean her best friend died, and she was mabye raped. This season, the bus crash just isn’t doing it for me. It’s almost too abstract. Did it really affect Veronica that much? Hopefully the mystery will pick up through the latter half of the season.

Overall though I’m thrilled the show is back, and I look forward to the final 6 episodes.

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