Quotes of the Week

I thought I’d try and end of each week with my favorite TV related quotes for the week!

From the OFFICE:
Michael Scott (to kids at take your daughters to work day) says, “The kids don’t want to hear some weirdo book that your nazi criminal grandma gave you”

Little Girl “What’s a Nazi?”

Gabby says, as her and Carlos are talking to an adoption agency, “So just to be clear, some slutty cheerleader gets knocked up by the soccer coach behind the local gas-n-gulp, and she’s going to make sure we’re quality people?”

Dr. Kelso says, “Perry when i told you to treat Mrs. Cook I meant it. If i wanted to waste my breath I would have given my wife mouth to mouth last night when she went into cardiac arrest. she’s okay, my mistress used to be a life guard.”

Dick to Veronica, “You’re like Rich Dude Kryptonite Veronica”

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  • Gabrielle’s quote is the best, bar none.