Return to Fox River

Tonight at 8pm (on FOX) we’ll finally get to see how are troubled inmates are doing at Fox River Prison. When we last left our intrepid gang, they didn’t seem to be having much luck with regards to breaking out. Since the show went on hiatus quite a while back (way back in December), I thought I would jog your memory in case you have forgoten where we left off. Some questions remaining…

1) Will Michael ever hook up with our favorite prison doctor?
2) Why is the Vice President so Evil? (Someone definitely spent a little to much time with Sloane when she was on Alias!)
3) Who is framing Lincoln?
4) Will the final shot of the season be our Gang breaking free? (Leaving us to wait all summer to see season 2 which will no doubt entail a ‘fugitive’ like scenario)
5) Will Fox execs be thrown into Fox River for cancelling Arrested Development (okay, that last one doesn’t really deal with the show, I’m just bitter!)

The answers to all our questions will no doubt be answered tonight, 8pm FOX (or Global in Canada!)

Entertainment Weekly ( has a neat little online only interview with Prison Break star Wentworth Miller, click here to check it out.

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