Monday Madness

For the first half of the 05/06 television season, Monday was as entertaining as an episode of ‘According to Jim’ (that’s not a good thing in case you’re wondering!). But now with the return of FOX’s edge of your seat Monday (I totally coined that term, FOX’s marketing team, feel free to steal the tag) and the long-awaited return of EVERWOOD (this Monday, please watch) Monday’s has returned to its former glory.

So with all this great stuff to watch, what did theTVaddict watch last night? I started off with PRISON BREAK. The show continued its streak of entertaining television with another great installment. It was a great suprise to see that final scene (I won’t ruin it for anyone who’s tivo’d the episode (as I did with 24 last night – I like to watch 24 without commercials later in the week)

I also watched the second episode of the NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE, or as I’m calling it, the NEW ADVENTURES OF ELAINE. The show, while not at all ground breaking is cute and entertaining. I love Julia Louis-Dreyfus. She is adorable and completely believable as a recently divorced mom. I’m also a HUGE fan of her ex-husband, Clark Gregg, who played the mysterious saviour on my Aaron Sorkin fav SPORTS NIGHT (Remember Quo Vadamos, Anyone?). While the show isn’t on my ‘must watch’ list, I definitely enjoyed it. Unfortunately for Julia though, I’m not sure it has what it takes to end the ‘Seinfeld Curse’.

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