Save Our Shows!

Take a moment this week to watch two of the best shows on TV. VERONICA MARS airs Wednesdays at 9pm on UPN, and EVERWOOD is finally coming back to TV this Monday on the WB. These two dramas are the best written shows on TV and are incredibly underappreciated and sadly underwatched. They are both ‘on the bubble’ for next season so please take a moment to watch them – especially if you have a neilson box!

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  • thetvaddictaddict

    Never seen either. I think you need to do some more convincing…



  • are my really cool mock EW’s not enough?

  • Yes I agree EVERWOOD is one of the best shows on TV!

  • One of my FAVORITE shows of all time! Watch it people, for Amy Abbott is quite hot! 😉

  • Pointlesskid

    Ever one who has not seen an episode of Veronica Mars, you have no clue what you are missing. I’m telling you to rent the first season and you will get hooked like myself. This show is also one of the best on TV, yet it needs viewers becuase of their recent leadins (South Beach=Garbage). I’m telling everyone, give this show a chance you will not be sorry.