Don’t call me between 9 and 10 tonight!

I am so excited for tonight’s TV. After what seems like an eternity, LOST returns in addition to everybody’s favoirite sleuth Veronica Mars (hence, my newly redesigned image above!).

Tonight’s episode of LOST focuses on our favorite Korean Couple (actually, our only Koren couple) Sun and Jin. What secrets will we find out about the mysterious island tonight? My guess, probably not much. I’ve found that the Sun and Jin flashbacks, while always well written and acted, generally reveal the least amount with regards to the island mythology.

Veronica Mars is supposed to be a HUGE episode tonight with tons of reveals about the ‘Bus Crash.’ It’s also notable because one of my favorite TV Columnists, Mike Ausiello (of TVguide) guest stars in the episode. There is also rumours that tonight’s episode may play a large part in next season’s mystery.

All I know is that I’ll be glued to my TV.

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  • Pointlesskid

    I can’t wait to watch tonight’s VMars, the show is amoung the best on TV, yet Canadian networks have not caught on yet. Since I don’t have digital cable or satelite, I have to download the episode the day after it’s aired. If a Canadian network can hear me, Get this show on Canadian TV!!!!!!!!!!