Welcome to the ‘BC’ B*tch!

Tired of FOX’s THE OC? why not step into the BC. ‘The BC” (short for Boston College) is a student written and acted paradoy of FOX’s The OC. The parady has become a hit online and has turned a local college into a web based phenomenon.

In an interview with the NY TIMES, Joe Sabia, 22 and senior co-creator of the show said,”We know college life, and it’s hard not to like a show with a priest.” (In addition to students, Priests and administrators take part in the show)

According to the NY TIMES:

The BC” Web site has received 170,000 hits since October, the creators say, and a music video that Sabia made to promote it was played at a Boston College-Duke University basketball game. They also traveled this month to Los Angeles, where, through Boston College connections, they met with several executives of the entertainment industry, in which they hope to work after graduation.

Even the people at “The OC” have taken notice. Sabia and Tondorf met with Bob DeLaurentis, executive producer of the Fox show and father of a Boston College alumna.

“The BC” is “pretty hysterical,” DeLaurentis said, adding, “It’s always fun to see a parody.”

The show can be seen at the-bc.com As of now though the site is down, no doubt due to thetvaddict.com’s massive publicity machine!

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