Veronica on the move

UPN is sending Veronica Mars back to its season 1 home of Tuesday at 9pm. The move is both good and bad at the same time. Good news, because Veronica is now out of the juggernaut that is LOST, but Bad because it will eventually face the unholy wrath that is American Idol.

More importantly, what does this say about UPN or the CW’s confidence in the show. At this point, I’m not really sure, we’ll have to wait and see.

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  • Arggh. This still doesn’t help. I watch both American Idol, Scrubs, and Sons & Daughters all at this time. Great. I’m hoping Four Kings’ recent cancellation will be the move we’ve all been waiting for: Scrubs to the Must-See TV Thursday night. And Sons & Daughters is taking leave (cancelled???) for Commander and Chief to return. Why do TV nets do this to us???

  • Vanessa

    I read somewhere else (probably that it could be an unofficial try at the Gilmore/Veronica pairing. I for one hope it works out well. I concur with the above poster about still having issues with too many things on Tuesday…I second the move of Scrubs to Thursday!

    PS – Love the blog!!!

  • Dear Vanessa,

    Thanks so much for posting and reading the blog! I read on tvguide as well (the ausiello report to be specific) that they’re going for a gilmore/veronica pairing… even though they are on different networks! I second the move of scrubs to thursday!!! SCRUBS deserves a little MUST SEE LOVE.