Wednesday Night Mystery

So last night I actually had to work so I couldn’t watch anything. Luckily I PVR’d it and before work today, I actually surprised myself by choosing to watching VERONICA MARS first, over LOST. Why Veronica? Well I think I’m just dying to find out why the bus crashed? Or perhaps, I couldn’t wait to see Michael Ausiello’s (from TVguide) cameo. (He did a great job by the way!)

Last nights Veronica Mars was fantastic. Firstly, let me thank UPN for starting the episode with a great season recap. It completely reminded me of the 8 million different plot threads that I’ve forgotten. Secondly the chemistry between Sheriff Lamb and Veronica’s Dad is great, I love their interactions. Finally, if I were a student at Neptune, I’d be awfully suspicious whenever Veronica sat down with a student in the beautiful outdoor café/lunch area. Let’s just say that with Veronica’s reputation, people would naturally assume something bad was happening in my life – she wouldn’t be the best lunch mate!

Now on to LOST. I LOVED the episode. So many things to digest… Sun’s pregnant (Thanks to spoilers, I sadly knew that) but the bigger question is, by whom? Is the baby really a ‘miracle’, some how I doubt that! But I’d like to say that Sun and Jin are fantastic actors. I generally hate subtitles but they make each episode they’re in brilliant. Ana Lucia apologizing to Sayid, that was great. Is Henry Gale an other? I think so for sure…. I can’t wait for next week’s episode… Wednesdays are Great 🙂

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