Bedford Controversy

There is an interesting controversy brewing around the WB’s new series THE BEDFORD DIARIES (premiering Wed March 29 on the WB). According to the WB:

“The Bedford Diaries explores the excitement and intensity of New York City college life through the eyes of six students with different backgrounds, experiences and ages, who are brought together in a provocative Human Behavior and Sexuality seminar.”

Apparently, the FCC has ordered creator and executive producer Tom Fontanta (Homocide, OZ) to cut some scenes that have been deemed to sexually explicitive. As a result, there will be two versions of the pilot airing. An edited cut will air on the network airwaves, while an un-edited version of the show is currently being viewed on the WB’s website You can view the original episode online by clicking here.

Not to get too political, but this is yet another ridiculous move by the FCC. Since Janet Jackson’s superbowl fiasco (ie. ‘Nipplegate’), the FCC has taken far too many steps in controlling what we see on television. It is theTVaddict’s opinion that it should be parents who are monitoring what their kids are watching – not the government.

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  • I honestly don’t get why they had to censor it. The pilot seems fine to me, nothing we haven’t see before. There wasn’t any scenes of orgies or anything. Check out my review at watch with intelligence.