LOST frustration

Is anyone else as frustrated with LOST as I am? Time seems to literally stand still on this island. On Wednesday’s episode, it’s mentioned that Henry Gale has been a ‘guest’ in the hatch for 3 days. 3 DAYS, SERIOUSLY? It seems like months. In fact, it has been over a month in ‘real time’ since Henry Gale was taken prisoner. While I completely appreciate the way the writer’s are writing each episode as essentially two days on the island – it creates an incredibly frustrating experience for the audience as nothing is happening. Episode after episode we’re given tiny pieces of information, yet no substantial questions are being answered. GIVE US SOME ANSWERS (I feel like Locke staring down the hatch, begging for secrets!)

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  • Vanessa

    I agree!! Doesn’t this mean that Sun is going to be pregnant for like the next 9 years?

  • HAHAHHAHA, i didn’t even think of that.. that is so true… also. I’m no doctor.. but if they’ve been on the island for 2 months, shouldn’t SUN be showing a bit in the stomach?

  • I totally agree with you…this is what I have been saying about this show every episode this season…but I thought you liked this weeks episode…?

  • You’re just realizing this now. I moved on after season 2, episode 2. Lost is just a waste of time. Let me know when they get found.


  • OFI

    Sadly i’m coming to the same conclusion I loved the first season I missed a few episodes so just downloaded and watched the lot in a short period of time and it was great, it worked. Now with season 2 we are having to wait up to 5 weeks for a new episode it’s a joke I dont know how Americans can put up with this all the time. This kind of thing doesn’t happen on UK networks. When Lost was first hyped they said it was going to be one of the most expensive TV shows ever or something so why doesn’t it have a regular slot like 24 does?
    More and more people are just turning away and if they think they can carry this on for much longer then I hope they have invested lots of money and suffer greatly!
    You wait 4 or 5 weeks and get 45 minutes of nothing u learn a trivial detail and get thrown into some new mystery which the show really doesn’t have time for.
    How on earth did they manage to ruin this show?