Monday Madness

Monday’s are generally depressing. A beautiful weekend ends with the start of an entire work week (yeah!). Yet today is different then most Mondays. Why you ask? Well the photo above may clue you in. EVERWOOD, televisions BEST (and most underrated/underwatched) drama returns after a ridiculous four month hiatus. Tonight for two glorious hours (8-10pm on the WB) we’ll finally get to see the reprecussions of Amy and Ephram’s hook up, Jake’s drug addiction, Andy and Nina’s relationship, and watch Delia as she evolves into a ‘mean girl’. But wait, there’s more…. Has Rose’s condition improved? (I feel as though she isn’t getting better) and are Hannah and Bright still the world’s cutest couple.

If two hours of Everwood isn’t enough for you. We’ve also got 24 (is Audrey guilty, I don’t think so!), PRISON BREAK (there is no way they’re going to kill (sorry, execute) Lincoln), HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER and THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE (I Love Elaine)

So sit back, turn of your phone, set your TIVO’s and enjoy TV’s best night (and the rest of your work week 🙂 )

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  • Don’t even hint of Rose’s demise. I am a huge Rose/Marilyn Gann fan. I lobbied for her to have up front credit all during season 1. I was so happy to see her earn her opening title spot in season 2.

    I can’t wait for Everwood’s return and hope that it is coming back to stick around.


  • I won’t ruin anything by spilling the beans on what I know. I will say that I’ve learned a few things about the second half of the season.

    1. Everwood is going a bit ‘brokeback’
    2. There is a major death of a major character
    3. Nip/Tuck’s amazing KIMBER will return to stir things up with Hannah/Bright
    4. In the 2 hour premiere tonight, Andy learns a big secret about his deceased wife