Podcast 8 Posted

This week’s podcast (#8) takes a look back in the week that was in TV. We look at all the usual suspects and some new stuff, including: Prison Break, How I Met Your Mother, The New Adventures of Old Christine, American Inventor, ER, and more. We also have a great TV news segment, and read listener feedback.

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  • Your ranting about Everwood makes me want to watch, but will I understand what is going on if I haven’t watched an episode in my life? Also, I think it would be better for you to ask people who have Nielsen boxes to watch Everwood, because the people who don’t have one have absolutely no effect on the national ratings.

  • Literate,
    Everwood is amazing… seriously. I’m not going to lie though – obviously you won’t appreciate it as much having not seen the first few seasons. But it is SO INCREDIBLE! Watch it tonight, email me any questions, I’ll answer everything for you!

  • Okay, I set my TiVo. I plan to watch after Prison Break and 24 though, so I might have to wait until tommorow to watch, because I might still be trying to bring back down my heart rate from Jack’s interrogation of Audrey (get your tissues ready! I anticipate tear-inducing moments!).

  • Kate Mayer

    Hello I love the podcast but I find Ariel slightly annoying. Anyway I would like to know how to get the uncut version of Bedford diaries I could not find it on the website. Thanks