Friends No More?

It seems like our favourite Central Perk gang doesn’t miss each other as much as we (the viewers) do. Newsday reports that five of the sextet were into the idea of a FRIENDS reunion, but one cast member said no. Rumour has it, that one of the guys isn’t too keen on the idea of reprising the role that they will be associated with for the rest of their life. Whether the hold out is Chandler, Ross or Joey is still up in the air, but in this addict’s opinion, it’s either Ross or Joey (as Chandler (aka. Matthew Perry) will have another hit show on his hands this fall with Aaron Sorkin’s new dramedy Studio 7 on Sunset Strip).

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  • Jenny

    Oh, I would totally bet it is Joey. Coming off the failure of a spinoff, I’d be eating sour grapes! lol

  • I would think Joey would be pretty desperate to get his credibility back! A reliable ‘source’ has told me that Chandler is the hold-out…. as he has a new show this fall and wants to get out of the ‘Chandler Box’ – not to be confused with the box he had to spend Thankgiving in! Oh yeah, my ‘source’ also thinks this may be a giant hoax as well!

  • Eric

    Uh, the show’s only been off the air for two years. A tad early to be even THINKING about a “reunion,” wouldn’t ya say? I mean, geez…they’re on our TVs in syndication how-many-times-a day?….It’s not like we MISS them or anything. Wait another 8 years and get together for some type of actual milestone, not a phoney hour of clips because NBC doesn’t have anything else worth showing (besides the fantastic “The Office,” that is).

    NBC, incidentally, muffed the JOEY show badly. After all those years, we were supposed to believe he actually moved to L.A. and completely forgot his “Friends?” There should’ve been several guest-appearances to bolster the flop…and more cheesy soap-opera acting (Drake Remoray, etc).

    I’m inclined to believe the above poster, who thinks the whole reunion thing’s a hoax. If NBC has even floated this concept to the 6 actors already, that network’s in FAR worse shape than we ever imagined.

  • I do agree, A reunion is a bit ridiculous.. but no doubt NBC is desperate, considering it’s gone from MUST SEE TV to MUST ‘FLEE’ TV – yes I just made that up and am laughing in my head… although I do Love the OFFICE and Will & Grace… through in SCRUBS, and MUST SEE TV is back… yet I digress….

    In defense of JOEY, it’s comfort food.. while not ground breaking, I actually enjoy it – and will be just a bit sad when it’s gone. Yes the premise was laughable, and how could JOEY just ‘forget’ his five best friends..

    In terms of the story itself, a hoax, who knows. I guess we’ll find out for sure soon. Either way NBC needs some help.. why not SAVE ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT (yes, i know that won’t actually happen!)