I Wish I Lived in Everwood

It was so great to have EVERWOOD back last night, for not just one, but two fantastic episodes. I loved every minute, but there’s really no entertainment if I just gush about the episodes, so here is my good, bad and ugly.

1) Bright and Hannah are truly the cutest couple on TV. I love how Hannah has evolved into a self-confident young woman since she arrived in Everwood (there must be something in the water?). My only issues lies with the fact she still has to be dorkier then Amy, so the glasses stay on!

2) It has been so sad watching Delia devolve from cute adorable TV moppet to ‘Mean Girl in Training.’ I love how Brittney gets so much screen time, yet we never see her. The show is painting such a great picture of how hard it is to fit in. (having never been a 12 year old girl though, i’m not sure how realistic it is)

3) I’m suprised Nina forgave Jake. I really didn’t see that coming. It will be interesting to see how the writers eventually break up the couple again so Nina can fall back into Andy’s arms

4) Michael Ausiello of TVGuide hinted that someone may be coming out of the closet. The clear front runner seemed to have been Ephram’s piano student protegĂ©. But as I was watching last night’s episode, I got a very ‘Brockback’ vibe from Amy’s prof/mentor (the fantastic Leslie Hope – Jack’s deceased wife on 24 – could she have just faked her death and is now an aynonmous prof on the run in Everwood?)

5) Who is dressing our Everwood Denizens? When did Ephram turn into a french fashion model? What was with that hat? Why is Amy wearing a giant turtleneck sweater that may or may not suffocate her?

6) Watching Harold and Rose together was heartbreaking. I can only assume it’s foreshadowing some dark times ahead.

It was so nice to have EVERWOOD back.

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  • Jenny

    I LOVED both eps last night! Everwood is one of those shows that I forget how much I like it until I see it again and then it’s like a lightbulb: OH yeah!

    I really got the feeling last night that Amy’s professor was a bit too interested in Amy & her (ex)boyfriend! Hmm…I thought that the character that was going to come out was going to be more mainstream than that, but maybe not? heh (Oooh, maybe it’s Amy! Wouldn’t that be a kick in the pants?)

  • I too LOVED Everwood. There is actually another theory floating around the boards today. With regards to someone coming out…. the theory is that it’s DELIA.. which would be so daring, original, and SO EVERWOOD. The show has always been willing to visit subjects that mainstream America isn’t a huge fan of. It will be interesting to see which character comes out.