God Bless TIVO

Okay, I know I pretend I have a TIVO… but the truth is, I have a Rogers PVR – we don’t have TIVO in Canada! That said, God Bless my PVR. Tonight, once again is TV madness.

Lost (Please something happen tonight!)
Veronica Mars (Who’s behind the bus crash?)
One Tree Hill (Is Keith really dead, damn you DAN SCOTT)
The Bedford Diaries (Is the controversy warranted?)
American Idol (I actually don’t care about AI, but I know everyone loves it!)

All that and I’m not even going to be home tonight. Again, I [heart] my PVR. Hope everyone has a great night of TV 🙂

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  • Jenny

    haha I’m in a similar situation tonight. I have 2 dual tuner DVRs and a cap card on my computer that are all being put to use tonight.

    One Tree Hill
    George Lopez/Freddie
    Out of Practice/Courting Alex (I want to know if those did ok in the ratings last week!)

    Criminal Minds
    (I decided to skip Bedford, since we are fairly certain it will be cancelled quickly. Go Heroes!)

    The Evidence
    Psychic At Large (I dunno, hubby wants it. lol)

  • WOW, you’re putting my TVaddictness to shame! I’m so excited for HEROES.. it sounds incredible (not to be confused with the INCREDIBLES!). I PVR’d Heist last week, I may check it out. But again, I can only watch so much! Enjoy tonight!

  • Have you watched the uncensored version of Bedford? If you have, then I wouldn’t bother with the censored one, it’s just not worth it. As with DVRs, I too am having another rough Wednesday. America’s Next Top Model and Bones at 8:00, American Idol and Lost at 9:00 (I have to record most of these shows for my mother who is deployed in Iraq, so I have to bump Veronica Mars until its Saturday repeat), finally Heist and The Evidence at 10:00. I’m only watching Heist and Evidence to see if I want to drop them or not, as they aren’t very good (check my blog even). Enjoy to everyone tubing tonight.

  • Oh No!

    I forgot to tape AI!!!

    I have a PVR too and it is amazing. Thankfully I also have timeshifting on my side. Hooray for technology!

  • JRMT

    Who said TiVo isn’t available in Canada. I have had Bell Exprees Vu, Rogers Cable and Antena all working with correct guides since the first of the Year. just hit the enter button when it ask’s for the zip code and it will take you to a screen where You can type in your postal code. As this was posted back in March You may already know this.