Scrubs available on iTunes

How great was last night’s SCRUBS? To see how happy Turk and Carla were about the news they’re having a baby, it was just fantastic. All I was thinking, besides how this show is one of the best comedies on TV, was I hope it gets another season so we get to see the baby born.

With that in mind, NBC has made a great move to ensure that SCRUBS may actually survive the season, it has made episodes available on the iTunes Music Store. Allowing fans to buy episodes has proven to increase vieweership in the OFFICE, let’s hope it has the same affect for Scrubs. Click here to visit the store and see SCRUBS for sale (only $1.99 per episode, definitely worth it!)

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  • Jenny

    That news is so fantastic! When I saw the flashy ad during the episode letting us know that it was on iTunes, my chin dropped to my chest and I had to rewind the dvr to make sure I had read that right and it wasn’t like the Scrubs soundtrack or something. lol

  • I can’t wait till all seasons get released.. but season 5 is definitely a great start!