Attn: Love Monkey Fans

Well, the show hasn’t found a new home on the CW, but LOVE MONKEY fans will get to see the eight unaired episodes on VH1

LOS ANGELES (AP) – The short-lived CBS series “Love Monkey” has found new life on VH1. At least temporarily.

The cable channel will air all eight hourlong episodes of the show beginning next month, a network spokeswoman said Wednesday.

No new episodes have been ordered.

While I’m happy for fans of the show, I never really had time to watch LOVE MONKEY. But anything with 90210’s Jason Preistley and Ed’s Tom Cavanagh can’t be bad!

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  • I’m glad Love Monkey found a home. I didn’t catch it when it was on, so I guess I get a 2nd chance. Love your creative by the way!! I really thought those were the actual covers of EW!!

  • GMMR – so honoured you’ve stopped by!!! Thanks for the compliment and glad you like the covers. Sadly, they aren’t real, but definitely deserve to be!! Kristen should not be slumming it on MAXIM, she is way too good for that!