The Mind Games Continue…

Why won’t the show give us a break? The entire hour, I’m literally on the edge of my seat, heart pounding with anticipation, digesting every little nugget of information…. the lockdown, the new map, Locke’s legs (that must hurt), the truth about Henry Gale… but still, no payoff! What have we learned, absolutely nothing! Just more questions??? Sure the episode was fantastic, and we do learn that Locke had pretty much the worst father ever, but why can’t the writers throw us a bone? Some sort of plausible explanation for what is with this mysterious island. Obviously I’m hooked and will continue to watch till the bitter end – but in recent memory I can’t recall a show that frustrates me so much!

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  • Tim

    A good mystery doesn’t just bash you over the head with the answers all at once, it slowly peels away the layers to make things more interesting. Shows like Veronica Mars and Desperate Housewives answered all their questions after season 1 and are now stuck in slumps because they have nowhere to go. Give Lost a break, they are trying to make things last while also giving us answers.

  • Tim,

    That is an excellent point. While I don’t expect all the mysteries answerd, I’d like ONE MORSEL of information!!! I’m dying here. Episode after episode, just more questions! I’m enjoying this season, and not trying to go all negative on LOST, but it is definitely a bit frustrating.

    Also consider the medium… I love mystery novels…. but I control how fast I read them. I can devour a good mystery in a few days, whereas with LOST, we are at the mercy of network execs, having to wait months between episodes!