I need a Quote of the Week

As many of you may know, on Sunday I like to post my favourite TV quotes of the week. This week I’ve only found two worthy of making the cut. Generally I like to have three, so if anyone has a great quote of the week from a show that they remember, feel free to comment below or email me at info@thetvaddict.com

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  • Eric

    “Now think…what would BUFFY do?”

    —One of the geeky amateur ghost-hunters on Supernatural

  • thanks Eric. So far you’re the frontrunner. Although I don’t watch Supernatural… but I hear it’s good. I wonder if it will get picked up by the CW

  • Jenny

    It *SHOULD* get picked up. It does pretty well in the ratings I believe and the talk has been there since the beginning that it would be picked up! *crossing fingers* lol

  • Eric

    Supernatural’s ratings are far better than Veronica Mars, and the show has more upside at this stage than even Smallville, now ending season #5.

    I don’t doubt that VM is a great show, I just have too many dramas to follow to add another. But I have to seriously question why the CW would put this show on its schedule. I mean, after 2 seasons, how many more viewers are gonna jump on the bandwagon? Not enough.

    In a showdown between VM and another year of Everwood….the more diverse-cast (all ages) and family themes make it a no-brainer to renew Ephram & Co.

    Gilmore Girls
    (maybe Pepper Dennis)

    There’s a real nice nucleus to build a network around…critically-acclaimed, popular with advertisers, cult-followings, etc. Can’t wait til the Upfront announcement.

  • Mel

    “Well arent you just a regular Veronica Mars solving the mysery of the week?”

    – The OC, Marissa to Summer

  • •quote of the week spoiler alert!•

    Mel, While that is an excellent quote – it’s already one of the two I have written down!!!

    Thnx and you obviously have extraordinary taste!

  • Eric,

    You make a great point. VM definitely doesn’t have the ratings to deserve a renewal.
    But I think the reason that it’s being considered is twofold:

    1) It gets excellent critical acclaim. The show is similar to Alias in the beginning, where it is a favourite of tv critics and often on their yearly best list.
    2) The show has never had a proper lead in – it may work really well with Gilmore Girls. The one time it had a decent lead with ANTM (america’s next top model!) the show is up against the juggernaut that is LOST!

    (I can only hope everwood makes the cut, as it’s my favourite drama)

  • Frank

    “Abort the Babies!”
    – JD [Scrubs]