Ryan knows how to Smile (and more…)

I never thought I’d be saying this again, but I really enjoyed THE OC last night! After a month off the wagon, I’m back on. Last night’s installment, for the first time in recent memory, actually entertained me (hmmm, entertainment, something the OC has forgotten about for about two seasons). Summer and Marissa fighting was a dynamic we’ve never seen on the show and a welcome change. Ryan was genuinely happy, which I don’t think I’ve ever seen, and Kirsten talking about/to Seth at her AA meeting actually had me getting a bit teary-eyed (I didn’t go as far as cry though, I’m not that much of a blubbering emotional mess).

THE OFFICE was another great episode, with Michael attempting to keep the birthday attention on him, while the rest of the office was off worrying about Kevin’s possible battle with skin cancer. How adorable were Jim and Pam again? I’m so curious how they’re going to break off the wedding so TV’s second cutest couple can be together (the first cutest couple being Hannah and Bright on Everwood)

I’ll end off my Thursday rant with my perennial dissappointment… SMALLVILLE. Let me get this straight, a month ago, Clark essentially chooses his girlfriend Lana, over his father – subsequently killing his Dad. Flash forward a month later, Clark yet again breaks it off with Lana. Was this really worth Papa Kent’s death? I think not. I’ve sad from the moment I saw this episode, that a much bolder choice would have been for the writers to kill of Lana, with Lex being responsible – thus setting up a serious confrontational dynamic between Lex and Cark. But hey, I’m just a tvaddicted blogger, not the writers of one of TV’s most uneven and tedious shows.

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    Smallville Rocks! Clark and Lana Forever!

  • OfficeFanatic

    Check out the great NBC april fools PSA’s online. They’re great paradies of the ‘more you know’ commercials NBC always does


    love the site, keep up the great work

  • Wasn’t The O.C. great? I’ll admit as well that Kirsten and Seth’s little date at AA also made me tear-up a bit. It was so precious. I’ll rember that episode as the episdoe that finally made the full turnaround for The O.C. this season.

  • I’ll be interested to see if next week’s episode is as good… let’s hope so