Fellow TVaddicts,

Something really exciting appeared in my email box late last night. I can’t say who it’s from, but I will say he or she is an admirer of the site, and is someone who is ‘in the know.’ I won’t ruin the surprise, but lets just say that if you’re a fan of the WB and UPN, you’ll definitely want to see this. Click the link below to download the document we’ve all been waiting for.


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  • You got me!

    I was first suspicious when I saw how nicely laid out an internal network document was…

  • Rae

    That is great! I’ll laugh if the schedule that comes out for the CW ends up matching it, though. Love how well it was designed – even though that’s probably exactly the opposite of how the schedule that gets sent out to people will look. It’ll be all in text with everything misaligned. Still, it’s nice to dream. Thanks for the link!