Monday Blahs

I’d love to have some great insights and witty commentary at the ready with regards to last nights maddening schedule of TV, but the sad truth is that I haven’t been able to quite my real job and blog all day long! That said, I had to work all weekend and PVR (or TIVO for my American Readers) THE WEST WING (Josh and Donna 4ever!), BIG LOVE (craziest and most intriguing show ever! I am loving it!), DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES (so excited to see what nutty stripper pregnant chick does to Gabby and Carlos), and THE SIMPSONS (last weeks Ricky Gervais penned episode was incredible). Check back later this afternoon for the release of Podcast 9. Here’s the teaser… One of our beloved podcasters may note survive the show! (Gasp!)

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