What an Election!

I just finished watching last night’s WEST WING. Simply put, the episode was incredible. From start to finish, I was riveted. The show is winding down so well that it’s such a shame it’s ending. A few observations:

1) I’m loving all the young interns – bucking for jobs in the White House. Why not WEST WING: THE NEXT GENERATION? Why does the show have to be cancelled?

2) Josh & Lou are great together, i smell spinoff!

3) How bad do I feel for CJ, she’s reached the pinnacle of her career (assuming she doesn’t run for President), what’s next for her? How do you go from Chief of Staff to a meaningless CEO?

4) Nice to see the writers haven’t forgotten about Charlie, he had more lines this episode then he has had the entire season.

5) How dare the writers waste the valuable few episodes we have left on supporting players Will and NSA chick who’s name I have fogotten – we really don’t care about them!

6) I’m a Josh & Donna shipper!

7) The ending was so sad. I’m dreading next week’s episode. Leo McGarry will be missed.

8) I wonder if Sam will be back to step up to the Vice Presidency?

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  • The episode was so good! i love Josh and Donna! and the next few weeks are going to be hard. I miss John and Leo 🙁

  • Agreed. John Spencer was amazing. I was on the WB studio tour and they had a really nice exhibit about him. They framed the napkin that said ‘Bartlett for America’ (that was an incredible episode!)

  • I agree with all your West Wing comments. In the back of my head I am hoping it will continue. It feels as fresh as the first season. I am really going to miss it. I also think they handled Leo’s death well. Not gratuitous and no digital inserts. Next episode is going to be so sad.

    It was nice to see Charlie back but I agree NSA girl and Will sucked up air time. More Toby less Will and NSA girl.

  • Snow, you are wise beyond your years. Great Comment!