Everwood = Crazy

Another unbelievable episode of EVERWOOD. I will die happy if this show gets another season. Let me start off by asking: Is there something in the Everwood water system that makes people NUTS?

1) The Rabbi tutoring Delia seems to be completely off his rocker. Has he never interacted with people before? I’ve met people with ADD, they aren’t crazy!

2) Can Ephram pause for a moment and realize that the fate of the universe doesn’t rest on his shoulders. He has such a saviour complex, it’s almost as if he belongs in the OC with Ryan.

3) Amy acts like she’s eight years old. Can she get off her high horse for a second and realize that not everyone in the world has to agree with her. Her obnoxious ‘I’ve discovered college attitude’ and am better then everyone has gotten really annoying really fast.

Finally, on an unrelated note, the Browns, while half Jewish, cannot pronounce Jewish words to save their life. If I hear them butcher the words ‘Bat Mitzvah’ again, I will once again kill myself. Wow, this column makes me sound a tad nuts as well – I really am not drinking the cool-aid in Everwood, although I wish I were. Everwood seems like a great place to live in. About as good as STARS HOLLOW? I love TV small towns. Hmmm, brings up the question, where would you rather live. STARS HOLLOW or EVEROOD? Post away…

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  • Eric

    It’s a toss-up on the town question…both are cool.

    Please help me recall the BEST line of the night…when Harold is standing there with the TV remote and says something like, “Oh Amy…have you seen this Beauty & The Geek show? It’s truly ingenious…” or something like that. I’d love to know the exact line; it was priceless…especially knowing how put-off the Everwood cast feels about having to go on a 3-month hiatus while the Geeks took their time-slot!

    Then later, Harold revisited it, saying…”Oh look, he’s my favorite Geek”…or something like that. Too funny.

  • Don’t forget Dr. Abbott watches Beauty and the Geek, that had me laughing even through the serious abortion talk.

  • I totally have to apologize for completely neglecting the ‘Beauty and the Geek’ line. I LOVED IT! and am embarassed that I didn’t include it in my little Everwood ramble.