Save Our Shows!

USA TODAY’s annual Save Our Shows Poll is up and running! PLEASE click the link below and make sure to save EVERWOOD. Some other shows I want saved are Scrubs, Veronica Mars, Reba and One Tree Hill

>> Click here to SAVE OUR SHOWS!

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  • Jenny

    I voted yesterday! 😀 Voted for Ewood, Scrubs, VM, Reba, OTH & a few others. 😉

  • Hey, I voted! I also provided a link from my blog – I gave you credit though, don’t worry!

  • Everwood is the only show I would pay money to keep on. It will be as devasting as Rose’s cancer if the show is cancelled. So get out the vote for EVERWOOD!


  • Karen

    I agree with SNOW, EVERWOOD is the one show that I would pay money to keep! It is my favorite show of all time – I feel like I’ve lost a member of my family! Surely another network will pick it up . . . the CW are idiots!!